Employee happily receiving a corporate gift from boxandbestow

Box+Bestow Gifts

You’ve just closed a great deal with a great customer.

They’ve got a deal that makes them happy. You’ve got a deal that makes you happy. It’s a win/win.

So you move on to the next customer and hope that one goes just as well, cause you’re on a streak right? Wrong!

This is the moment when you stop, breathe, think, and then gift—with the click of a button.

Dad and son grilling a meat platter received from Boxandbestow

You know the customer likes cooking outdoors. Great!

A man grilling food on a barbecue

Leverage your customer knowledge to send them a Box+Bestow gift that will enhance that experience for them.

They already hold you in high regard, so now’s the time to cement that position. Why? Because you’ve just given them an experience that will time and again remind them how good you are at your job, how you helped make them happy.

Which means when they have the opportunity to recommend someone like you, it won’t be someone like you, it will be you!

A man excitedly unwrapping boxandbestow gift

The power of gifting

The power of gifting is the ability to live ‘rent free’ in someone’s subconscious until they have the right opportunity to recommend you—and they will.

Because the stats back it up, if you consistently and persistently give gifts (not just at closing) to customers, and potential customers, you will grow your income by ten!

Here at Box+Bestow, we create meaningful gifts that inspire lasting, authentic, rewarding relationships…

  • Proven to lead to further sales
  • Experiential
  • Each gift has a feel good, origin story
  • Uniquely, sustainably, and proudly sourced in the USA