Embrace the Joy of Giving.

Effortless Corporate Giving

Box+Bestow’s corporate gifting platform transforms gifting into a seamless, enjoyable process. Discover the long-term benefits of saying “Thank you” or “Congratulations”.

Our platform manages gifting end-to-end—from unique gift selections to personalized notes, including your branding & quality requirements.

What’s more, our gifting platform guarantees smooth CRM integration, intuitive flow, and detailed tracking while maintaining internal security & external compliance.

An employee looks excited as she opens a corporate gift

Simple Implementation

Intuitive tracking

Our corporate gifting platform mirrors our gifts: thoughtful, meaningful, and incredibly effective. You can watch your good intentions transform into retentions.

Order-processing—from picking a gift to writing a hyper-personalized & RESPA-compliant note—can be as automated or manual as you like. And they work with each other with minimal input from you.

Whichever route you take, you can make tweaks—in bulk or individually. Don’t worry, you don’t have to keep mental notes. Our gifting platform does it for you. Here’s how:

  • All orders in one simple table
  • One-click order tracking
  • Real-time tracking
  • and much more

Smart Interaction

Clutter-free insights

What’s data, if you can’t really use it? Box+Bestow’s corporate gifting platform allows users—whether they’re loan officers or your sales & marketing teams—to access a combination of data that makes it usable & practical.

Here’s a sampler:

  • Number of orders being processed for budget management
  • Number of users during a particular time for control
  • Time-sensitive data to ensure


A man delivering a Boxandbestow's corporate gift to their client and employees

Seamless Integration

Compliments, doesn’t complicate

Our gifting platform’s open API plays nice with your existing software, translating to zero hassle for your sales, marketing, and IT teams.

Integration with your CRM or loan processing software, spreadsheet uploads—all flow smoothly with our platform. You can also manage your gifts’ recipients in a way that compliments your CRM.


Core Features

Financial Oversight

Track order flow to manage budgets efficiently, and to uncover gifting insights.

Instant Insights

Drill into time-sensitive data, and gain clarity on what’s working & what’s not.

Eficient Tracking

Free up hours of managerial time with our real-time, one-click tracking.


Integrate your software or import spreadsheets into our platform, smoothly & safely.

Secure & Compliant

Upholds internal & regulatory requirements

Box+Bestow’s platform stores information in plenty, but it’s also in silos. You’ve full control over who gets to see what. Each loan officer or sales associate can access records that are relevant to only them.

Our corporate gifting platform guarantees that everything you say, whether you’re a realtor, a lender, a mortgage broker, or a servicer, avoids RESPA violations.

So whether it’s an internal requirement or a regulatory one, we have you covered.

Good / Better / Best Packages

Buy On-Demand

Include Personal Note
1 qty Minimum
Ships in 24 hours

Brand Your Gifts

100 Qty. Minimum
Use Portal to Facilitate Repeat Gifting
Use Portal to Facilitate Repeat Gifting
Integrate with your CRM
Schedule Gifting for Holidays, Birthdays, Moving Anniversaries etc.
Measure Recipient Engagement with QR Codes
Pre-Payment to Automate Checkout

Build Your Own

Everything in Columns 1 + 2
1000 qty Minimum
Audit of all Client Touchpoints with Recommendations
Select from Range of Components to Build Your Own Gifts