A customer with glasses appears happy after receiving a corporate gift from boxandbestow

All salespeople know that they’re really just dancing in the arena of human emotion.

All conversations must lead to the sale. But every transaction must culminate in delight. Only then will it open the door to the next conversation.

A gift at just the right stage of the process will earn you big rewards. Your commercial karma will keep showing up – if you do it right.

With Box+Bestow, this sweet future is just a single click away.

Let’s look at how this plays out for you.

You're a Loan Officer.

You help your borrowers get the life they want. When they remember you with warmth, that association will go a very long way. Say thank you when they close a mortgage with a special personalized gift. Mark every such occasion as memorable with a different gift. Remember, commercial karma comes around!

A business manager happy after receiving a corporate gift from boxandbestow

Repeat + Refer

Box+Bestow bespoke boxes will keep you top of mind and pave your way to repeat business. The gift you give will keep giving back to you.

The value of repeat business will far exceed the price point of one of our gifts. Let Box+Bestow become your referral generator.

Close + Open

You’ve closed the deal. And now open the door to a deeper relationship. The right gift has been proven to generate 10x more warm leads.

All you have to do is take a few minutes, choose a pertinent gift, click, and let Box+Bestow take care of the rest.

Easy + Memorable

Each time your borrowers look at your gift, it will remind them of who helped them get there. Who will they think of the next time?

You understand your customers. Box+Bestow understands how to keep you memorable in their minds.

You're a Marketing Manager.

Every aspect of your role touches the company’s reputation. As the face of your business, you sustain the image of quality and high value for your brand. Your every action speaks about these values. Let Box+Bestow’s bespoke offerings convey your quality to your customers.

A company manager joyfully smiles, expressing gratitude for a unique corporate gift received from Boxandbestow

You're a Sales Manager.

You know it’s more rewarding to retain an existing customer than to chase a new lead. Your repeat business is contingent on your customers’ loyalty. Be proactive in nurturing your customer relationships. A Box+Bestow gift will go a long way in earning you something valuable in the future – your customers’ loyalty.

A manager presenting a corporate gift to a client


Gifting with Box + Bestow is a
win/win/win scenario…

  • It’s rewarding the customer.
  • It’s rewarding for the giver.
  • It’s rewarding for the makers.
  • Win! Win! Win!


A lady sitting down on a sofa, unwrapping a surprise gift for employees

Delight your Customers.