Charcuterie - A perfect for corporate gift for employees

Mediterranean Charcuterie

Boxandbestow gift - A wooden board made from Mediterranean olive wood for charcuterie

Mediterranean Charcuterie

Combine the beauty
of wood and art.

The olive tree, an iconic symbol of the Mediterranean, is the object of growing international interest in the production of olive oil for the world food market. Scholars still argue about the actual origin of the olive tree today. It was probably cultivated for the first time in Phenicia (today’s Tunisia), Syria or Palestine which means its roots reach as far as the Orient.

The olive tree was used as an expansion tool in the Bronze Age, often as a tool to settle newly-conquered people which is where the origins of “extend an olive branch” are born.

Our olive wood comes from Southern Tunisia, where the trees grow in groves on the northern edge of the Sahara. Only when a tree no longer bears fruit at the end of its life is it released for the timber trade.

Made from Mediterranean olive wood, this sustainable product combines the beauty of wood  epoxy resin art. Since olive trees grow very slowly and their wood is so hard and dense (twice as hard as oak) it is particularly scratch-resistant and hygienic. In addition, it is insensitive to acids and thanks to its narrow pores, does not absorb any odors.

Over the many centuries of an olive tree’s life, the beautiful and very individual grain that characterizes its wood is formed. This makes each product as unique as the purchase you enabled, the service you provided, or the memories you helped to create.