A quality, premium drink infusion kit.

We created Mixology to bring you the best quality, premium drink infusion kits with an easy pour silicone sphere ice mold. Which is wonderful, but let us paint you a fuller picture…one holiday, a Chicago entrepreneur wanted to give her partner a self-made gift with a personal touch.

Since they both loved whiskey, she threw some fresh fruit and spices into a jar, added his favorite booze and a local business was born. Having loved the experience (and the end result), the two decided to make their home bar staple easy and accessible for everyone. They did this by founding Aged & Infused, a small, family-owned business that specializes in creating unique cocktail and drink infusion kits. 

After years of experimentation, they perfected a unique process that infuses herbs, spices, and fruits into high-quality spirits. Today, their infusion kits are handcrafted in small batches using only the freshest ingredients, and sold online and in specialty stores across the country.

More important than the techniques and recipes, they’re passionate about bringing back happy hour in its purest form. That means putting phones away, turning off the TV and sitting down to connect with the people we love over an amazing homemade cocktail.

Whether your customers make a cocktail or a mocktail with this infusion kit, you can be sure that when they raise a glass, you’ll be in the mix of positive thoughts that they’re enjoying with every sip.