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Movie Night

Movie Night

Great movies, great snacks,
great memories

The Great Depression presented an excellent opportunity for both movies and popcorn. Looking for a cheap diversion, audiences flocked to the movies. Popcorn was a luxury that most people were able to afford, and the kernels themselves were a cheap investment for purveyors.

The transition to selling snacks helped save many theaters from the crippling Depression. World War II solidified the marriage between popcorn and the movie theaters as competing snacks like candy and soda suffered from sugar shortages and rationing. By 1945, popcorn and movies were forever intertwined, with over half of the popcorn in America eaten at movie theaters.

Our popcorn is Made-in-USA in small batches by the Petersen Family. Family-owned and operated their farm located in Riverton, Utah, has been in the Petersen family for over 100 years, and it has evolved into a thriving agricultural business that provides fresh produce, locally made goods, and educational experiences to the community. 

The farm is passionate about sustainable agriculture and using organic farming methods to produce high-quality, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. This kit combines their wonderful kernels, seasoning, and a food-safe silicone microwave popper. Which means when your customer is settling down with friends and loved ones, your thoughtful gift will see you popping right to the front of their mind.


“Thank you so much for the tasty gift!"

Michelle Frakes Kymanox Technology