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Pour Poverty Out

Pour Poverty Out

Coffee plays an important role in our lives, from the morning rush to long afternoons, so we want to be sure that it brings joy to everyone involved in every stage of its production, from farm to cup. 

To understand this intention, it’s important to understand that 99% of the world’s coffee is grown in the world’s poorest countries by farmers trying to put food on the table. These small farmer families produce a very limited amount of coffee (by hand), so they can’t afford to own good processing equipment. They also usually lack the means to transport their coffee, leaving them at the mercy of middlemen who buy at whatever price suits them. 

These small coffee producers at the very start of the supply chain have little power, and are constantly vulnerable to such strongarm tactics locally and internationally. Which is why we select coffee that is grown, selected, roasted, and packaged right at the source, harnessing quality, traceability, and specialty coffee’s unmatched power to stop poverty. 

This new way of coffee distribution keeps the maximum possible resources at the source, which is 400% more than Fair Trade Coffee Industry standards. All of this means you can feel great gifting the coffee that is shaking up the coffee industry, while at the same time knowing that it is 

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