How to Promote Your Business Through Corporate Gifting


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Today’s business world has transactions flashing faster than lightning and competition is everywhere. How do you stand out?

Enter business corporate gifting—a timeless strategy with a human touch in each interaction. This simple act of giving brings joy to the receiver and tangible business returns to the giver.

A win-win, if there ever was one, right? How do we make it happen? Let’s start at the very beginning.

What is a corporate gift?

A gift given by a business to people with the intent to appreciate their patronage and/or contribution is a corporate gift. It’s a gesture of gratitude that adheres to the norms of professional etiquette. As you must’ve guessed, corporate gifts can be directed towards both clients & employees. This post will zoom in on external stakeholders—specifically, your clients—whether you’re a mortgage loan officer, a marketing or sales manager, or a small business owner.

You might wonder what’s so special about corporate gifts. Think about receiving one, and you’ll have your answer. With business corporate gifting, the key lies in how appropriate & thoughtful the gift is. It involves selecting items that aren’t only relevant & practical but also show that genuine thought went into the selection. After all, a well-chosen gift can bridge the narrow gap between a formal acquaintance and a valuable business ally. Why does it work?

The Why of Corporate Gifting

Because we’re human. Everyone loves the thrill of receiving a gift—opening a package gives you a rush. Beyond the initial excitement gifts have the powerful ability to build & strengthen relationships (when done right). These connections often evolve into contracts because the gift becomes a reminder that your business cares for the people it serves.

Consider the human element: the giver might be a business but the ultimate receiver is a human being. When you give a gift, you remind your client that you’re not just a corporate entity—you, as a corporation, are a collection of people who value their clients. Indeed, studies suggest that thoughtful & persistent gifting can amplify your business opportunities tenfold, turning every ribbon & bow into potential future business. How does it happen?

How Do Corporate Gifts Promote Business?

There are four main directions that the answer to that question comes from:

Creating Brand Awareness

Your brand becomes tangible, visible. You cannot just slap your logo onto the gift. You have to be subtle & creative about it. The logo has to be in plain sight but also unobtrusive. Most importantly, the gift itself has to be useful enough to become a part of your client’s daily routine, keeping your business at the forefront of their mind.

Pre-empting a Switch

Loyalty is hard-earned & easily lost. It becomes a tad easier for a client to pick you instead of switching to a competitor with whom they’ve no personal connection. A timely gift can well be the peg that hooks your client to you since it reminds them of the value you provide.

Gaining Referrals & Accessing Potential Customers

Business growth thrives on referrals. A delighted client is far more likely to recommend you to friends & family. You could take this a step ahead and reach out to potential customers proactively with a well-considered gift.

You might wonder when to send these gifts. There are some plain-in-sight opportunities & some not-so-obvious ones.

When Do You Send Corporate Gifts?

Timing is everything, and sometimes, the best time to send a gift is when it’s least expected. While the usual times like festivals & holidays are low-hanging fruits, consider these other apt moments.

  • Welcome Gifts: This could be a gift on closing a home loan deal or when you’re signing in a new client. Either way, a gift at a milestone in your deal can set a positive tone for the relationship.
  • Personal Milestones: Of course, your client is a lot more likely to keep you in their mind if you’ve their birthday on yours, right? A gift on other such milestones like work-related anniversaries tells them that you care about them as individuals too and you’re grateful to them for their part in your journey.
  • Off-Peak Surprises: What’s better than a gift? A surprise gift. Sending a gift when the client is expecting it the least will make your gesture stand out even more.

Wrapping It Up

Pun intended, of course. Make corporate gifting more than just a checkmark in a larger marketing strategy. It’s about showing appreciation, fostering loyalty, and most importantly, highlighting the human side of your business. With a thoughtful approach to corporate gifting—whether it’s the gift itself or the timing of it—each gift sent out can pave the way for not just sustained & enhanced business growth.


Delight your Customers.