Loan Officers

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Our Value to Loan Officers

Box+Bestow ensures that new homeowners stay with you.
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Realtors are finding it harder to grow business in traditional open houses. Most business now comes from past & repeat customers.

“Mortgage servicers are missing the opportunity to build the kind of goodwill with their customers that has proven to translate directly to increased advocacy and repeat business.”


John Cabell, Director of Wealth and Lending Intelligence at J.D.Power

Let Box+Bestow address this gap. We’re designed for real estate needs.

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Today’s consumers equate goodwill with social values.

Only about a quarter of branded and promotional items are utilized. The rest usually ends up in landfills.

Box+Bestow curates ethically sourced, bespoke, and small batch gifts.

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What’s the point in a gift that isn’t noticed, or worse, puts your consumers off?

Take a look at how we source our gifts

The Box+Bestow Advantage

Measure the Impact

Use our integrated tracking tools to monitor how your gifts are strengthening client relationships. Adjust your strategies based on real-time feedback and continue to improve your client engagement.

Box+Bestow bespoke corporate gifts

Automated & Easy

Box+Bestow automates the process of personalized gift fulfillment. This streamlines the way Loan Officers engage with and appreciate their clients.

Thanks to our automation, we ensure that the right gift reaches the right client at the perfect time. Our gifts have unique QR codes to let you track your gifts and scale your investment in gifting.

We take care of your entire gifting cycle from personalization to delivery.

Box+Bestow automated corporate gifting

Referral Generators

Every homeowner that you help is a satisfied customer.

The right gift will spur them to refer you to at least two others.

A good number of them will also return to you within 90 days of gifting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the questions we hear from Loan Officers about Box+Bestow
How can personalized gifts benefit my mortgage business?

Personalized gifts help cement a positive and memorable client experience, enhancing satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of repeat business and referrals in the competitive mortgage industry.

What types of gifts are most effective for recent homebuyers?

Gifts that resonate with recent homebuyers include personalized home decor, commemorative plaques, and customized household items that reflect the significant milestone of purchasing a new home.

Can Box+Bestow integrate with my existing CRM system?

Absolutely! Our platform can seamlessly integrate with most CRM systems, allowing you to automate the gifting process based on client milestones and data tracked through your CRM.

How does gifting impact client retention and referral rates?

Thoughtful gifting significantly enhances client loyalty and satisfaction, which are crucial for generating referrals and securing repeat business in the mortgage sector.

Are there compliance considerations with gifting in the mortgage industry?

Yes, the mortgage industry has specific compliance guidelines regarding gifts. Box+Bestow ensures that all gifts are compliant with industry standards, including RESPA regulations, to maintain ethical and legal standards.

What is the ROI of investing in client gifting with Box+Bestow?

Our platform provides detailed analytics to track the impact of your gifting strategy on client retention and referrals, helping you understand the return on investment and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Can I set up automated gift sending for special client milestones?

Yes, you can automate gift dispatch based on specific milestones such as closing dates or anniversary dates, ensuring timely recognition without manual intervention.

What should I consider when choosing a gift for a client in the mortgage process?

Consider the stage of the mortgage process and the individual preferences of the client. A congratulatory gift at closing or a housewarming gift upon move-in can enhance the personal connection.