The Divide on NAR Settlement Impact: Perspectives from Agents and Consumers


The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently reached a settlement agreement that aims to address significant changes in real estate commission practices. The NAR settlement impact is far-ranging, with nationwide lawsuits arguing that the practice of home sellers covering the buyer’s agent commission is both unfair & anti-competitive.

Understanding these changes is crucial, as they have far-reaching implications for both real estate professionals & consumers.

Public Opinion vs. Agent Sentiment

According to a survey conducted by Clever Real Estate, there is a substantial gap between how the American public & real estate professionals feel about the settlement. While 67% of the general public supports the changes, 70% of real estate agents oppose them. This stark contrast highlights the differing priorities & concerns of consumers & industry professionals.

One notable finding from the survey is that only 36% of the general public were aware of the settlement agreement, yet 70% of agents reported fielding questions from clients about its impact. This indicates that while the public may not be fully informed, agents are actively engaged in discussions about the settlement’s repercussions.

Core Arguments—For & Against

A significant portion of consumers, 61%, agree with the lawsuit’s primary argument that the current practice of home sellers paying the buyer’s agent commission is unfair & anti-competitive. Supporters of the changes believe they will ease financial burdens on sellers & create a more equitable real estate market.

In stark contrast, 89% of agents surveyed believe the lawsuit’s allegations lack validity. Many agents are concerned that the settlement will have negative consequences, with 71% anticipating detrimental effects on their business and the market overall.

Expected Impacts on the Real Estate Market

Agents & consumers foresee different impacts from the settlement. While consumers are optimistic about potential benefits such as lower commission rates & increased competition, agents worry about negative outcomes. For instance, 88% of agents believe the changes will discourage first-time buyers, and 82% think it will harm buyers in general.

Additionally, 56% of agents predict an increase in the average number of days properties remain on the market. While 54% believe buyer agent commission rates will stay roughly the same, 75% expect listing agent commission rates to remain unchanged. The discrepancy in these predictions underscores the uncertainty surrounding the settlement’s long-term effects.

Agent Concerns & Strategic Adjustments

A significant portion of agents, 58%, believe the settlement will negatively impact their business. Many are concerned about maintaining their income levels & adapting to a potentially more competitive market. Despite these challenges, 52% of agents are considering expanding their service offerings to stay competitive.

To navigate the new landscape, some agents are exploring additional service offerings & innovative approaches to client engagement.

One strategic adjustment includes the use of gifting to strengthen client relationships. Personalized & memorable gifts can enhance client satisfaction & loyalty, providing a competitive edge in a challenging market. Box+Bestow offers a seamless solution for agents looking to integrate high-quality, personalized gifts into their client retention strategies.

Consumer Benefits & Challenges

Consumers who support the changes believe they will create a more balanced market. Specifically, 44% think the changes will ease the financial burden on sellers, 41% expect a more level playing field, and 29% anticipate greater flexibility in choosing real estate services.

Conversely, opponents of the changes cite increased burdens on homebuyers & market uncertainties as primary concerns. For instance, 47% worry about additional financial strain on buyers, while 36% fear it will discourage first-time buyers.

Long-Term Effects & Industry Trends

In the long run, both consumers & agents believe the settlement will significantly impact the real estate industry. For example, 91% of Americans surveyed expect it to affect future homebuyers & sellers. Predicted outcomes include lower commission rates & heightened competition among agents.

Agents anticipate that the new commission structure will lead to increased competition and more difficulty in negotiating fees directly with clients. Moreover, 95% believe the changes will result in more agents leaving the industry. These trends suggest a need for ongoing adaptation & innovation within the real estate sector.

Future Outlook

The NAR settlement agreement has sparked a wide range of opinions & predictions about its impact on the real estate market. While the general public is largely supportive, real estate professionals express significant concerns about its potential negative effects. Moving forward, the industry will need to adapt to these changes through strategic adjustments, such as expanding service offerings & enhancing client engagement with personalized gifting strategies like those offered by Box+Bestow. By doing so, agents can navigate the evolving landscape and continue to thrive in a competitive market.

Filling in the Blanks

What is the NAR settlement agreement about?
  • The NAR settlement aims to address changes in real estate commission practices, arguing that the current model is unfair and anti-competitive.
How do consumers feel about the NAR settlement?
What is the general sentiment among real estate agents regarding the settlement?
  • According to the survey, 70% of real estate agents oppose the changes, citing concerns about negative impacts on their business.
What are the anticipated impacts of the NAR settlement on the real estate market?
  • Predicted impacts include lower commission rates, increased competition, and potential discouragement of first-time buyers entering the market.
How can real estate agents adapt to the changes brought by the NAR settlement?
  • Agents can consider expanding their service offerings and using personalized gifting strategies (like Box+Bestow) to enhance client engagement and satisfaction.
What role does personalized gifting play in adapting to the NAR settlement changes?
  • Personalized gifting can help agents strengthen client relationships, foster loyalty, and differentiate their services in a competitive market.

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